Flagship Regional Oil Field Services Provider in Wireline Logging, Well Testing and Well Intervention Services.

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In 2002, Senergy Services Company was formed as the first regional upstream services provider with a footprint in the Middle East, North Africa and Near East regions, dedicated to providing value based solutions to our clients.

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Services Overview

Logging Services

Open Hole Wireline Logging

We provide a wide range of Open Hole services to evaluate formation geological, petrophysical and geophysical properties using principles such as resistivity, nuclear, sonic, magnetic resonance and other cutting edge technology.

Cased Hole Wireline Logging

We provide a wide range of Cased Hole technologies and services for studying well Integrity, casing and corrosion monitoring, cement evaluation and production logging to help identify problems in producing wells and plan for workover operations to increase production and minimize costs.

Pipe Recovery

Pipe recovery services range from determining the free point in stuck drilling strings and back-off or cutting operations in order to free the drill string and recover the downhole assembly, minimize interruptions during drilling and associated rig costs.


Our portfolio of Perforation services includes various size, shape and phasing of wireline conveyed guns. We provide deep penetration, big hole and other types of charges. We also provide explosive services such as cutters, punchers, through tubing guns and plug setting, all of which comply with the latest industry standards in safety and performance.

Surface Equipment

We employ modular and flexible surface equipment compatible with various technologies and work with most 3rd party tools and acquisition systems, which enables our logging units to provide a wide range of services for the client.

Testing Services

Surface Well Testing (SWT)

Surface well testing is the a technique that assesses the true reservoir potential and its full scale under dynamic conditions. It validates well performance during cleanup and commissioning and allows reservoir monitoring and understanding for better field management. Surface well testing equipment is available for exploration, appraisal and rigless operations through Company development and production campaigns, we have the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test measurements during every phase of the field development while meeting the most stringent HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

Drill Stem Testing (DST)

Drill Stem Testing provides an analysis of the reservoir characteristics and uses the latest tools that safely flows reservoir fluids to the surface while providing efficient downhole control, this tests the commercial viability of the well.

Well Test Interpretation

Well Test Interpretation emphasizes the need for a controlled down hole environment and high-performance gauges, both of which have made well testing a powerful reservoir description tool

Slickline & Wireline Cased Hole

Slickline & Wireline Cased Hole services offer suitable technology that solves operational and evaluation needs.

Surface Data Acquisition

Surface Data Acquisition is conducted using wireless data communication to transfer data from the wellhead to the data cabin, using QM 200 that measures pressure and temperature and includes replaceable 200°C memory module.

Surface Sampling

Fluid samples taken to a laboratory provide the only way to study volumetric behavior and chemical properties of formation fluids, our advanced sampling methods determine the amount of liquid carryover in the separator gas line when conditions are stable and separation efficiency is poor.

Downhole Sampling

Objective of a Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) study is to determine the physical and chemical fluid characteristics to predict its behavior versus pressure and temperature changes.

Tubing-conveyed Perforation

Tubing-conveyed Perforation is conducted using high-performance systems such as GEODynamics new class of Reactive™ perforating shaped charge that delivers a step change improvement in perforation tunnel geometry and performance.

Early Production Facility and Extended Well Test Facilities and Plants

Early production facilities provide a way to go into production mode as quickly as possible and are becoming recognized for the positive contributions they can make to oilfield economics.

Areas of Operation